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 USAF   C123 in S.E. Asia REUNION


UPDATE - AUGUST 10, 2023


I haven't forgotten about the 2024 reunion

Life has gotten crazier since I got home from Branson. 

As of 8/30/23 I will have a new home in Ohio and I have sold my house here in Missouri. 

Closing on both on 8/30/23.  Crazy right.  :) 


Plus, I have scheduled for a trip to Ft Walton Beach in mid September to preview hotels, etc for the 2024 reunion.  



3/7/2022:  the data re-entry for address changes, etc is coming along. 

I am updating the atending page with the reservations I have received

as of yesterday.

2/24/22:  Sorry folks, my computer lost the C123 database info


yesterday.  I do have a backup but it will take me a few days to


re-enter current info.   Sue 


        Hope Hotel and Richard C Holbrooke Conference Center

         10823 Chidlaw Rd., Area A

         WPAFB, OH 45433-5000

         937-879-2696, Ext: 6; Identify as C123 Reunion 

          NEXT REUNION:  2023 - Branson, Missouri


                                                   Ms. Sue Rice

                                             111 Private Road 1467

                                               Moberly, MO 65270  


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