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2024 C123 reunion will be in

Niceville, FL

April 15 - 19, 2024

2-24-24 Due to a 1/1/2024 change in banking laws the reunion checks will need to be made out to Sue Rice.  I suggest you note on the memo C123s in S.E. Asia.  

2-21-24 Yea!  The Registrations have started coming in!      

2-16-24:  The Registration form is now online!  I also updated the Itinerary page.

2-12-24: I encountered some issues with the banquet facility for Thursday which resulted in needing a Plan B.  It is nearly set up. Watch for details.

Update 1-24-24:  Tonight I received the printout of room reservations so far.  I will post it to the Attending page tomorrow.  


Hope to see a lot of you in Florida!

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